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All development comes from chaos to harmony, from lack of rhythm to rhythm. Rhythm must be brought into the instincts.

Feel the RHYTHM and get in sync with cosmic order!

The law of vibration


 "Vibrations from objects in our surroundings are constantly impinging upon us carrying to our senses experiences of the external world.

The vibrations in the ether--which we cannot see--stimulate our eyes so that we see, and vibrations in the air transmit sounds to our ears.

We also breathe the ether which is charged with pictures of our surroundings and the sounds in our environment, so that by means of the breath we receive at each moment of our lives an accurate picture of our external surroundings."

                                                     Universal Flamenco

Ms. Rimer advocates the acquisition of rhythmic precision, which she calls “emotional mathematics,” allowing the disciple to evolve spiritually and benefit all areas of life.


A Collected and Healthy mind

A Loving Heart

A Strong Body

Through Art, Cultural Education, and

The Study of Ancient Wisdom